Left/right guidance & automatic gain locating system
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The vLoc-9800 from VIVAX-METROTECH is the newest full-featured, multiple-frequency left/right guidance automatic gain locating system on the market today. This system features proven frequencies that are ideal for long distance pipes & cables, telephone and power cables, water & gas pipes, and all tracer wire applications. Every vLoc-9800 receiver is "fault-find" ready.
  • Features
  • Screens
  • Frequencies
  • Transmitters
  • Fault-Find
  • Accessories
  • Video
  • Software
  • Legacy
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Standard Features:

  • Rugged ABS & carbon fiber construction for strength and light weight
  • Weighs less than previous models
  • Alkaline Battery tray (12-hours)
  • Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery (40 hours)
  • Mini USB socket for data transfer/software updates
  • Ultra Fast Dual-Core processor engine for fast, reliable, and accurate results
  • Color backlit TFT high visibility display provides a best in class user experience, night or day
  • Very simple intuitive menu configuration for easy customized set-up
  • Left/Right guidance automatic gain (four peak) & 2-peak manual gain
  • NO NULL Antennas (Null antennas are prone to ghosting)
  • Frequencies: 982Hz (Low), 9.82kHz (Medium), 83.1kHz (High), Power 60 & Radio
  • Sonde (982Hz/9.82kHz/83.1kHz)
  • Push button depth & current measurement
  • Fault-Find mode is standard
  • MyLocate2 App for data transfer, software upgrades, start-up screen & feature locking

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  • Left/Right-Auto Gain
  • Peak-Manual Gain
  • Depth Line
  • Depth Sonde
  • Fault-Find
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  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Passive
  • Fault-Find
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Low Frequency
  • Direct Connection
  • Long Distance locating
  • Low Bleed-over
Typical Uses
  1. long distance fiber optic cable
  2. long distance coated pipelines
  3. congested locates
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9.82kHz (VM-850)
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Medium Frequency
  • Direct/Clamp/Induction
  • Most Cables & Pipes
  • Typically used most often
  • Good Signal Distance
  • Low to Medium Bleed-over
Typical Uses
  1. good for most locates
  2. power & telephone cables
  3. gas transmission & distribution
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83.1kHz (VM-810)
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High Frequency
  • Induction
  • Poor Grounding conditions
  • Short Signal Distance
  • High Bleed-over
Typical Uses
  1. water pipe & tracer wire
  2. "drop box" inductive
  3. open circuits
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Power 50 (50+150+250Hz)
Power 60 (60+180+300Hz)
Radio Mode (22.1kHz)
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  • Sweeping for unknown utiities
  • Verifying locating marks
Typical Uses
  1. 60Hz - power cables or common bonded utilities, i.e., telephone, CATV, etc.
  2. RADIO - unknown buried cable & pipes
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6Hz / 8.19kHz - Low
6Hz / 8.19kHz - High

8KFF - Low (VM-510FFL)
8KFF - High (VM-510FFL)
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Fault Find
  • Sheath & Secondary fault locating
  • Simultaneously cable locates
  • Provides depth of cable fault
Typical Uses
  1. POWER - secondary fault locating
  2. TELEPHONE - sheath fault locating
  3. FIBER OPTIC - sheath damage/moisture entry point
  4. locating stub-outs
Tab 4
  • Loc-5Tx
  • Loc-10Tx
Tab 1
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5 - Watt

The Loc-5STx utility transmitter is designed to provide customers the best choice when selecting and deciding on a professional cable and fault locating system. The 5 watt is fully featured, and reliability and output performance unequaled by the competition.

Output Current: a maximum current output of 300mA (5 watt)
Output Voltage: 30V-50V RMS
Voltage Protection: up to 240 VAC (external fuse)
Batteries: 8 D-cell (or optional Rechargeable)
Induction: (2) Frequencies - 9.82kHz, 83.1kHz
Clamp: 9.82kHz to 83.1kHz
Direct Connect: 8KFF-Low, 8KFF-High, FF-High, FF-Low, 982Hz, 9.82kHz, 83.1kHz
Multifrequency Mode: up to (3) frequencies
Measure Mode: 1M ohms (displayed)

Includes: 10' lead set & ground stake.
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10 - Watt

The Loc-10Tx high power transmitter is designed to provide customers the best choice when selecting and deciding on a professional locating system. The 10 watt is fully featured, and reliability and output performance unequaled by the competition.

Output Current: a maximum current output of 1.0 Amp (10 watts)
Output Voltage: 30V-50V RMS
Voltage Protection: up to 240 VAC (external fuse)
Batteries: 12 D-cell (or optional Rechargeable)
Induction: User Selectable
Clamp: 8kHz to 83kHz
Direct Connect: 8KFF-Low, 8KFF-High, FF-High, FF-Low, SD-USA, SD-EUR, 256Hz, 440Hz, 484Hz, 491Hz, 512Hz, 640Hz, 982Hz, 8.19kHz, 8.44kHz, 9.5kHz, 9.82kHz, 32.8kHz, 38kHz, 65.5kHz, 78.1kHz, 82.5kHz, 83.1kHz, 89kHz, 131kHz, 200kHz
Multifrequency Mode: up to (2) frequencies

Includes: 10' lead set & ground stake.
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Tab 5
Every vLoc-9800 receiver come standard with built-in cable fault locating capabilities. The optional A-Frame accessory is all that is needed for easy and accurate above ground locating of cable sheath to ground faults. However the most popular fault find option is the VM-510FFL "Stand-Alone" A-Frame.

Cable faults are a common failure in the Telecom and Power industry, and never before has there been a cable fault locator that simultaneously locates cable, locates faults, and provide instant depth of fault when found, all in a single pass, saving time and money.

This system can find major and minor failures associated with power and telephone outages, or pin holes due to minute electrolysis or cable defects. A built-in DC resistance measure mode in the transmitter provides an accurate resistance measurement of the faulted conductor, making diagnosing and fixing out-of-service circuits an easier and quicker task.
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Accessories can be a time saver when just the right tool for the job is needed. The right accessory can in some applications save hours of work. You will find that Vivax-Metrotech has the right accessory for almost every need.
  • Carry Options
  • Clamps
  • A-Frame
  • Remote Antenna
  • LPC Filter
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Leads
  • Sondes
Tab 1
  • Carry bag
  • Roller bag
  • Hard case
  • Transmitter bags
Tab 1
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Soft Carry Bag
Tab 2
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Carry Bag with Wheels
Tab 3
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Hard Case
Tab 4
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Transmitter Bags
Tab 2
  • 2” Clamp
  • 4” Clamp
  • 5” Clamp
  • 18” Flexible
  • Data Sheet
  • Extension Pole
Tab 1
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2" Signal Clamp

Tab 2
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4" Signal Clamp

Tab 3
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5" Signal Clamp

The 5" clamp is the new industry standard. It allows signal application on 4" and larger conduit. This is the most popular clamp selection for users primarily locating underground power cable.

Tab 4
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18" Flexi-Clamp

Tab 5
Tab 6
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Clamp Adapter and Extension Pole
Tab 3
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An A-Frame accessory provides a plug-n-play approach to simple and easy conductor fault locating. An essential tool for any power provider. Constructed of Light-Weight Carbon Fiber.
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The VM-510FFL+ stand-alone A-Frame provides a stand-alone approach to simple and easy fault locating. The VM-510FFL+ line and fault locates. Constructed of Light-Weight Carbon Fiber.
Tab 4
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The Remote Antenna (USB) accessory is designed to locate the individual cable among the many bundles that can be present in some communication applications and for “Hot” cable identification for locating unmarked secondaries in power transformers, eliminating the need to shut down working power conductors when doing secondary fault locating or maintenance.
Tab 5
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LPC Separation Filter provide an easy and safe method of applying transmitter signals to “Live” power lines via AC plug.

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LCC Separation Filter provide an easy and safe method of applying transmitter signals to “Live” power lines via direct connection clips.

Tab 6
  • TX Pwr Lead (12VDC)
  • TX Pwr Lead (120VAC)
  • RX Charger (12VDC)
  • RX 12VDC Charger
  • 5w-Rechargeable
  • 10w-Rechargeable
Tab 1
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Transmitter Vehicle 12DC Power Lead
(Not a charger - provides alternate power to transmitter) - 30'

Tab 2
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vLoc-5Tx & vLoc-10Tx Transmitter
Mains Power Lead (Not a charger) - 30'

Tab 3
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vLoc-9800 Receiver
Vehicle 12VDC Charger

Tab 4
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The Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack (Rx) replaces the alkaline battery tray in the vLoc-9800 receiver. Included in vLoc-9800.
Tab 5
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The 5-Watt transmitter Rechargeable Battery Pack. Kit includes wall charger.

Tab 6
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The 10-Watt transmitter Rechargeable Battery Pack. Kit includes wall charger.
Tab 7
  • Leads
  • Ground Stake
  • Ground Extension Reel
Tab 1
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Leads can be customized with different lengths and clips
Tab 2
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Ground Stake
Tab 3
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Ground Extension reel (32ft or 98ft available)
Tab 8
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D64 (9.82kHz & 83kHz)
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D38 (9.82kHz & 83kHz)
Tab 7
Tab 8
MyLocator2 is a FREE desktop App that runs on your PC. Simply plug USB cable into your vLoc-9800 series locator and let the App do the rest. MyLocator2 automatically checks your current software and with a single click provides an intuitive built-in utility that allows users the ability to easily update their locator with the latest firmware. Mylocator2 also allows users to select just the features you want displayed and lock-out access to other features that you want hidden. The MyLocator2 App is FREE OF CHARGE and is available at Vivax-Metrotech.com.
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Tab 9
Over thirty years ago Metrotech pioneered the FOUR PEAK left/right guidance automatic gain tradition and changed locating forever with the introduction of the original 800 series and later 9800XT locators. The new vLoc-9800 combines the unique locating abilities of the 810, 850 and 9800XT and adds premier passive features. The vLoc-9800 offers four peak locating antennas and automatic gain control that has made the 810 and 850 legendary. Every vLoc-9800 offers ruggedized ABS construction, unique carbon-fiber antenna housing and a proven and reliable fast processor platform providing ultra reliable, crisp, and fast accurate locating.

When combined with the backing and support of the world-wide experienced design team of VIVAX-METROTECH, its easy to see why the New vLoc-9800 will continue to satisfy its customers that have relied on the proven and legendary Metrotech design tradition for so many years.
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Let us know if you want to take advantage of our popular RECYCLE YOUR LOCATOR Trade-In program and we will give you a generous offer on your older experienced locating equipment.
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Vivax-Metrotech vLoc-9800 Line Locator