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Jameson 12A-516 Duct Hunter (5/16")

  • Jameson 12A-516 Duct Hunter (5/16\
  • Jameson 12A-516 Duct Hunter (5/16\

The Jameson Duct Hunter Rodder are 5/16" Marked locatable rodder systems that allows locate technicians the ability to insert into a non-metallic duct or pipe for locating purposes. Locating is easy using traditional EM Pipe & Cable locating instruments. Various sizes and rodder lengths are available, i,e, 500', 600', 700', 800' and 1,200'. Includes: Accessory Kit (1) End Ferrule, (1) Roller Guide, (1) Splice Ferrule, (2) Adhesive, (2) Emery Cloth, (1) Shrink Tube (1) Canvas Storage Pouch (mounts on reel). Made in USA. Available: All 50 states-USA.


Jameson 5/16" x 500' Duct Hunter Rodder


Jameson 5/16" x 600' Duct Hunter Rodder


Jameson 5/16" x 700' Duct Hunter Rodder


Jameson 5/16" x 800' Duct Hunter Rodder


Jameson 12A-516 Duct Hunter (5/16")


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