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Dart FlexiTrace - 9mm x 150M (~11/32" x 492ft)

Dart Systems
  • Dart FlexiTrace - 9mm x 150M (~11/32\

The Dart Systems FlexiTrace (9mm x 150M) locatable rodder system with built-in sonde coil allow for both the entire length or the end to be located. Locate technicians simply insert into a non-metallic duct or pipe, then using any traditional EM Pipe & Cable locator the user can connect the transmitter to the FlexiTrace by either connecting the red lead to one lug and the black lead to a ground stake (entire rod locate) or connect to both lugs and energize the sonde coil (end of rod locate). The Dart FlexiTrace makes it easy to mark the targeted utility. Rod diameter: 9mm (~11/32") Rod length: 150M (~492 ft) Sonde Dimensions: 12mm Dia. x 77mm length 95x82x40cm - 28kg (37.4x32.28x15.75" - 62.lbs.) Available: All 50 states-USA.


Dart 9mm x 150M FlexiTrace Rodder


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