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3M EMS Ball Markers - 1400-XR series (extended range)

  • 3M EMS Ball Markers - 1400-XR series (extended range)

The EMS Ball Markers Extended Range (XR) 1400 series EMS Ball Markers from 3M provide an accurate, convenient, long lasting method of marking underground facilities during construction or maintenance. The 3M XR Ball Markers unique self-leveling design ensures the marker is in an accurate, horizontal position regardless of how it is placed into the ground. EMS markers enable users to return to the exact location of the marked underground feature. Simply choose color below. Available: All 50 states-USA.

1401-ORANGE (Telecommunications) 1402-RED (Power) 1403-BLUE (Water) 1404-GREEN (Waste Water) 1405-YELLOW (Gas) 1407-ORANGE/BLACK (CATV) 1408-PURPLE (Reclaim Water)

NOTE: Only Sold by the case (30 pcs).


ORANGE (Telecommunications)

1401-XR-CASE (30 pcs.)

RED (Power)

1402-XR-CASE (30 pcs.)

BLUE (Water)

1403-XR-CASE (30 pcs.)

GREEN (Waste Water)

1404-XR-CASE (30 pcs.)


1405-XR-CASE (30 pcs.)


1407-XR-CASE (30 pcs.)

PURPLE (Reclaim Water)

1408-XR-CASE (30 pcs.)

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