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The vLoc-5000 from Vivax-Metrotech is in a class all by itself. It combines the technology introduced by the vLoc2-Series with features like Signal Select (SIS), Positive Line ID, Signal Direction (SD), Distortion Alert and built-in GPS receiver for logging time & date stamp. These features provide users with the most accurate line marking that the industry has ever seen. Every vLoc-5000 includes the new 10-watt-SIS transmitter.

The vLoc-5000 hardware features fast dual-core processor engine and air core sensors which enable peak antennas, left/right guidance, line orientation, distortion meter, automatic depth, positive line ID, current measurement information and more to be simultaneously displayed on a large TFT VGA color screen, while offering class leading 40 hour battery life.

When compared to other high-end competitors, its easy to see why the vLoc-5000 is above and beyond its competition and is in a class all by itself.


  • Rugged ABS & carbon fiber construction for strength and high-weight
  • Weighs 16% less than previous models
  • Alkaline Battery tray (12-hours)
  • Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery (40 hours)
  • Mini USB socket for data transfer/software updates
  • Built-in GPS for time and date stamp with GPS cordinates
  • Bluetooth enabled for external GPS and Smartphone use
  • GPS Ready (easy push button logging for mapping)
  • Built-in locate log (store up to 1,000 locate logs w/GPS coordinates)
  • Signal Select (SIS) provides line ID
  • Distortion Alert Meter - assist in recognizing signal bleed over
  • Ultra Fast Dual-Core processor engine for fast, reliable and accurate results
  • Color backlit TFT high visibility display provides a best-in-class user experience, night or day.
  • Very simple intuitive menu configuration for easy customized set-up
  • Over 55 locating frequencies for compatibility with other manufacturers transmitters (free of charge)
  • Multiple antenna modes (Peak, Nul, Peak w/Arrows, Broad Peak, Sonde)
  • Manual Gain & Auto Gain
  • Multiple Sonde frequencies
  • Line Orientation Compass (360°)
  • Automatic continuous depth or current measurement (selectable)
  • Fault-Find mode is standard
  • MyLocator2 App for data transfer, software upgrades, start-up screen & feature locking

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Vivax-Metrotech vLoc-5000 Line Locator