Gas Detectors

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Tracer Electronics LLC offers a complete product line of professional gas detection and gas leak detection instruments, ranging from market-leading full-featured multiple gas detectors, flame ionization detectors, compact hand-held devices, and everything in between. We specialize in sales and support of Sewerin and Pergam models.

  • Gas Detectors - Outdoors

    EX-TEC HS 680

    The EX-TEC HS 680 is perfect for detecting leaks in underground natural gas pipelines. Its multi-array sensor suite includes infrared for marking the exact location of leaks along the pipeline. This system avoids unnecessary and costly excavations. Its integrated ethane-C₂H₆ detector provides easy verification of whether the gas leaking from the area is a product of natural gas production from the underground pipeline or simply a naturally occurring biogas (i.e., marsh or swamp gas). Precision leak pinpointing is achieved using the optional oxygen-O₂ sensor. The O₂ sensor indicates the minimum O₂ level while simultaneously measuring for the maximum methane-CH₄ level. This "minimum" with its smaller diffusion area in conjunction with the maximum methane indication provides easy pinpointing of complex leaks.


    VARIOTEC VT series detectors and their multiple options allow users to detect natural gas along the pipeline and aid with leak pinpointing. The VARIOTEC 460 & 480 EX, when equipped with optional ethane-C₂H₆ analysis, can be used when confirming the leak origin (distinguish between natural gas product or biogas, i.e., marsh & swamp gas). The VARIOTEC series provides users with affordable instruments for almost any gas detection application.


    The PORTAFID M3K is a portable flame ionization detector that is reliable and highly accurate and resistant to interference from moisture, and is hydrocarbon specific. An economic back harness is available to secure the 0.4-liter fuel gas bottle.


    The VARIOTEC EGA ethane gas analyzer is a perfect instrument for determining whether a gas leak is from a natural gas pipeline or simply a naturally occurring biogas (i.e., swamp or marsh gas). This information can prevent an expensive excavation from occurring. The VARIOTEC EGA can quickly and easily confirm the origin of the gas leakage.

    The VARIOTEC EGA analysis utilizes the fact that Natural Gas from a product pipeline contains ethane-C₂H₆, but biogas does not have ethane present.

  • Gas Detectors - Indoors

    SNOOPER mini

    The SNOOPER mini is a small but robust compact gas leak detector specifically designed to inspect accessible gas lines and fittings. Modern gas leak detectors have considerable advantages over leak detection spray techniques used in the past. The SNOOPER mini indicates the presence of gas and also shows the concentration at the leak. The SNOOPER mini is perfect for gas suppliers and contractors inspecting pipe installations and fittings inside or outside. Also, the SNOOPER mini is ideal for fleet mechanics that routinely inspect and repair vehicles with LPG/NG on board.

    The SNOOPER mini is available with a sensor to indicate methane-CH₄ or propane-C₃H₈

  • Landfill and Biological Gas

    Multitec 560

    The Multitec 560 is a combination gas warning and measuring device. When used as a gas warning instrument, it reliably and automatically detects toxic and hazardous gases to workers. It also records and documents the composition of biological process gasses. Infrared measuring technology ensures accurate methane and carbon dioxide readings. The Multitec 560 is ideal for inspecting area work atmospheres (e.g., engine pits, silage tanks, shaft construction, etc.). It detects explosive and toxic gases ensuring worker safety at all times. Also, the Multitec 560 is perfect for monitoring biogas production in plants. The Multitec 560 can record and analyze the gas compositions for process optimization.

    The gas warning function (ExTox) records CH₄, CO₂, O₂, CO, and H₂S and can alarm pre-set values. The Multitec 560 can also be used virtually anywhere in the plane as a gas warning device.

  • Gas Detection - Laser


    The Laser Methane LMs from Pergam offers the industries best Laser Methane detector. The LMs provides the same remote detection functionality as the LMm, but with built-in HD camera, removable SD card, Android & iOS compatibility and uses commercial AA batteries.


    The Laser Methane LMm from Pergam offers users the ability to detect methane remotely. What once was time-consuming and a resource-draining procedure now takes just a few minutes. The Laser Methane LMm uses Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS).

Gas Detection Equipment