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The VM-810 from Vivax-Metrotech is the newest locating system in the legendary 810 lineages. Its single 83.1 kHz frequency has been a favorite among locating professionals for many years. The 810 has proven time and again to be versatile for all types of locating applications. It is excellent for finding cable of all types, ductile iron pipe, tracer wire, etc., and it's the perfect choice for all soil conditions, wet or dry. The 810 has been copied by many, but no one has ever duplicated its world-class performance.

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  • One Button Operation
  • Distance Sensitive LEFT / RIGHT Guidance - 3 bottom antenna (ALL PEAK)
  • Line Direction Indicator (Directional Orientation antenna)
  • Fast Response & Automatic Gain Control
  • Push-button depth & current measurement (w/ top peak antenna)
  • Lightweight Design (only 3 lbs)
  • Improved Clear & Backlit Display - TFT 2.7" LCD WQVGA display
  • Full Crisp Digital Sound - original left/right tone w/audible null at center line
  • Precise Single Frequency - 83 kHz
  • Lightweight Rugged Construction - Aluminum & ABS
  • Water Resistant (IP54 & NEMA 4)
  • Retractable Antenna (made popular on the original 810 design)
  • Excellent Battery Life - 65 hours continuous use


1.) 83.1kHz was Metrotech's proprietary frequency used in the original 810 Classic. This frequency is ideal for gas and water distribution.
2.) Having a single frequency allows the antennas to be optimized.
3.) Having a single frequency makes the Model 810 simple to use with a one-button operation.

1.) Optimized antennas translate to better TX induction performance and RX sensitivity. Optimization provides longer distance and better performance.
2.) The VM-810 uses all PEAK antennas for its left-right guidance, whereas some of its competitors use Null antennas. Peak antennas are less susceptible to everyday signal interferences (ghosting), resulting in better accuracy and more reliable locates.

NOTE: Only pertinent for direct connections using your leads and ground stake.

1.) 810 Transmitter must be connected and ON. Turn on you 810 Receiver and point the receiver at the ground stake and record the 3-digit number on display—the larger the number, the better the output or locate signal. 
2.) If the number is higher (i.e., ~700-900), you likely have excellent output current.
3.) If the number is much lower (I.e., ~300-400), try improving your ground rod depth or relocating the ground rod to a different location. 

NOTE: It maybe beneficial to moisten the area around the ground stake (use a water bottle) or choose a location nearer shrubbery. Sometimes the roots of plants can hold enough moisture to improve a signal ground.

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Vivax-Metrotech VM-810 Line Locator