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The Laser Methane Smart (LMs) is the newest of the handheld laser detectors available today. The LMs offers fast and safe remote detection of methane leaks at a distance of up to 30 meters or 100 feet. LMs allows users the convenance of simply aiming the instrument and shoot an inspection point with measured value and even automatically output its data to a cloud server.

Use cases:

  • Gas Distribution
  • Underground Gas Storage and Distribution
  • Above ground Gas Storage and Distribution
  • Gas Processing Plant
  • Gas Compression Station

The LMs offers:

Reliability - No moving parts and no gas suction in principle require little maintenance. Self-check and automatic calibration on start-up - ensures accurate and reliable gas leak detection.

Remote detection - Searching range 30m (100ft) keeps operators away from harm. Green guide laser light gives clear visibility of the searching point even under bright sunshine.

Persuasive evidence - Laser co-axis digital camera records photos of inspection points. Storing data on a cloud server secures measurement data and the photos via android or iOS devices.

User-friendly - Point and shoot technology requires little or no training to use. The weight is only 500g (~1 lbs), including batteries.

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