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The vLoc3-DM from Vivax-Metrotech is the new industry bench mark for Pipeline Defect Current Mapping instruments (PCM/PCDM). The vLoc3-DM is built on a new Triaxial 3D architecture that offers best-in-class performance and innovative features that are unique to the vLoc3-DM. It's class leading 4.3" color LCD high visibility display provides a locating refinement that is heads above its competition. The display screen has been uniquely configured specifically for the pipeline evaluation professional. Data can be graphed in "real-time" on the receiver, while on the site. The "walk-back" feature highlights the users position on the graph allowing the exact location of any point-of-interests where further examination or an ACVG, A-frame survey can be undertaken.

The vLoc3-DM Pipe Defect Current Mapper is a professional pipeline multi-tool designed to identify pipeline coating defects and contact shorts to other structures that can render cathodic protection ineffective and also as a standard EM pipe locating system. Using with the attached magnetometer (foot) users can identify areas of the pipeline where coating defects are present. When used with the A-Frame (ACVG) users can pinpoint defects for excavation and restoring.

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Vivax-Metrotech vLoc3-DM Pipeline Current Defect Mapper