The SeCorr 300 from Sewerin is a PC-based water leak correlator. The system utilizes the powerful SeCorr 300 software combined with the high-performance RT300 transmitters to produce significant advantages, mainly when used with HY200 Hydrophones on plastic pipe applications. The noise emitted from the leaks in a plastic pipe is difficult to detect. The PC software will provide improved coverage on plastic pipe applications. In addition, the SeCorr 300 includes a rugged carry case with a single plug-in recharging cord for the transmitters.

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PC Based Water Leak Correlator


  • Fully digital correlator
  • Plug and play via USB connection to any Windows PC
  • EM 300 microphones
  • RT radio transmitter
  • RX 300 receiver
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries
  • Up to 8-hour operation on a charge
  • Ruggedized carry case with charger

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SeCorr 300 PC Leak Correlator