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The vLoc3-Pro from Vivax-Metrotech is the new industry benchmark for utility locating. The vLoc3-Pro's Triaxial 3D architecture provides "must-have" features and offers powerful best-in-class performance and reliability. Its bold stance, curved silhouette, robust construction, super-fast processor engine, market-leading software innovation, and its class-leading 4.3" color LCD, high visibility display provide a locating refinement that is new to this industry. Its class-exclusive technologies are optimized to deliver an immense level of performance, allowing technicians to be in complete command of challenging utility locates. 

The vLoc3 patented integrated self-test feature provides users with in-the-field calibration verification. A unique signal injection confirms the six antenna's operation using a low, medium, and high frequency, and other aspects test the circuitry and LCD. Self-test measurements are compared to the initial factory calibration, and results are stored on internal memory with date and time stamps and can be accessed using MyLocator3 software.

´╗┐Need to locate marker balls? Every vLoc3 locator can find EM markers using an optional Marker Locate Adapter (MLA).

The color of the bargraph will indicate signal distortion.

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Standard Features
  • Two 3D Triaxial antenna design (class leading & industry exclusive)
  • Built-in accelerometer and gyroscope providing continuous correction of depth
  • Light sensor automatically controls display backlight for longer battery life
  • Vibration motor in handle provides user feedback during alerts & warnings
  • On-board Calibration / Self-Test (eliminates cal timer and PC plug-in and its associated costs)
  • Rugged high impact thermoplastic ABS construction for strength and light weight design
  • Weighs only 4.6 lbs. (2.1kg)
  • Alkaline (typically 12-hours intermittent use)
  • Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery (typically 27-hours intermittent use) (both Alkaline & Li-Ion are standard)
  • Mini USB socket for data transfer/software updates
  • Bluetooth enabled using optional "Plug-and-Play" Bluetooth module
  • GPS ready (easy push-button mapping) w/external GPS receiver or VMMAP
  • VMMAP App for mapping utilities (FREE for iOS & Android download)
  • Built-In locate data logging (stores 50 Million records) - depth, current, frequency, mode, gain setting, signal strength, GPS coordinate, date and time (if Bluetooth active)
  • Ultra Fast Multi-Core processor engine for fast, reliable, and accurate results
  • 4.3" Color backlit high visibility display provides a best in class user experience, night or day
  • Very simple intuitive menu configuration for easy customized set-up
  • Over 50+ receiver frequencies (16Hz to 200kHz) and all available passive modes
  • Multiple Locating modes: Classic, Vector, Plan View, Transverse Graph & Directional Sonde
  • Multiple Antenna modes in Classic Locate Mode (peak, peak-arrows, null, broad, delta null, omni directional peak, omni directional broad)
  • Directional Sonde mode (512Hz/640Hz/8kHz/33kHz)
  • Line Orientation Compass (360 degrees)
  • Automatic continuous depth and current measurement
  • Fault-Find mode ready (requires optional accessory)
  • EM Marker Ball mode ready (requires optional accessory)
  • TX LINK mode (requires optional factory order)
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Classic Locate Mode
The classic mode is the most versatile of the locate modes. Shown here is the most popular mode, i.e., Peak with Arrow mode.

All screens in Classic modes include bar-graph & numeric indication and guidance arrows (left/right arrows) when null is being used along with automatic depth & signal current and Compass (line orientation).

Distortion is always indicated by bar-graph color.

Green - good locate signal
Blue - some distortion detected
Red - very high distortion

Classic Locate Mode offers multiple antenna options, e.g., Peak, Null, Broad Peak, Delta-Null, Peak with Arrows and Omni Peak.

The color of the bargraph will indicate signal distortion.

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Two horizontal antennas provide a "Peak" or maximum signal response over the center of the buried pipe or cable. The peak response is indicated in bar graph and also numerically.

This is an accurate method of locating as both horizontal antennas are used to provide a clear "Peak" indication.

Peak is less likely to be affected by signal distortion.

Cal Verification 
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Calibration Verification / Self Test
No more "Cal" timer or cost associated with reseting a timer. This built-in Calibration Verification Self-Test is both complex and comprehensive and new to the industry. This feature virtually obsoletes the need to return or purchase a plug-in-to-paper validation certificate.

  • High integrity self test that assures the sensors are operating within factory tolerances.
  • Result measurements are compared to initial factory calibration tolerances.
  • Passing the self-test assures that the locator is within factory calibrated performance criteria.
  • Self-test results are logged to an internal SD card.

Why is this important?

Typically Factory Calibration Certificates are good the day they were conducted or date of certificate and most standards require an annual certification. However, the locator could have been impacted during shipment within the first week of calibration, or maybe fell off of a truck tailgate, or maybe dropped during a slippery locate, etc. and now it might not pass calibration, but re-certification maybe 11 months away. Having the ability to "Calibration Verification/Self Test" from the menu before every big job guarantees that your vLoc3-Pro is within factory calibration before you start the job giving you and your customer every assurance that your locator will be accurate and within factory calibration.

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Warning / Alerts
Warnings and Alerts provide users with instant feedback when something is wrong. These events will cause the handle to vibrate as well as display a visual notification indicating type of alert. All events are logged onto an internal SD card for future reference.
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Shallow Depth Warning
This warning occurs when the utility detected is less than (6) six inches deep. This can prevent damage from occurring to the utility and provide user safety.

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The TX LINK is an optional feature and requires the transmitter radio link to be installed on both the Loc3 transmitter and vLoc3 receiver. TX LINK allows the transmitter to be remotely operated from the receiver. When linked, changing the frequency on the receiver will automatically change the frequency on the transmitter. The range of the radio link depends on having a clear "Line of sight" between the Receiver and Transmitter and is typically 984 ft (300m).

Using TX LINK with the vLoc3 series Rx is as easy as pressing the frequency key ("f") to change the frequency. For additional operations simply enter the "Transmitter Control" screen from the normal menu mode. This screen will display a visual of the transmitter display itself and allow user to increase or decrease power output (+ or -).

The Transmitter Control screen will display the following:
Radio link signal strength (40% as indicated).

Output mode icon (direct connection)
Output signal frequency (640Hz)
Output current (100mA)
Volume setting (level 2)
Transmitter battery level (Full)

Pressing the ("I") button will return to normal locating screen.

If TX LINK is not necessary, simply "Disabled" on both the transmitter and receiver to conserve battery.

EMS Markers 
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The MLA is an optional "plug-n-play" accessory that enables every vLoc3-series locator to also become a full-featured EMS marker ball locator.

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The VMMAP mobile mapping app from Vivax-Metrotech provides an affordable real-time mapping solution for GPS mapping of buried utilities.

This solution will generate maps in real time giving the user a visual indication on the smartphone and confidence that the data is accurate. GPS is provided by the smartphone or via an external GPS receiver providing seamlessly whatever level of accuracy you need for the map. The app provides additional data to be entered such as notes or job site pictures.

The VMMAP application is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded for FREE on the Apple Store or GooglePlay.

  • Instant mapping of buried and above ground utilities
  • Quickly create and email files; CSV, KLM, TXT or XLS formats
  • Easy integration into GIS software
  • Detailed history points to display and visualize the work being done
  • Detailed information on location points (current, mode, frequency, depth and GPS coordinates)

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MyLocator3 App

The MyLocator3 desktop app from Vivax-Metrotech provides users with an easy application to configure any vLoc3 series locator. Its perfect for managing a fleet of vLoc3's where certain frequencies are preferred, certain modes or where a custom start-up screen is used.

When the locator is connected to a PC running MyLocator3 the program will automatically search the VM database for the latest software for both the vLoc3 series locator and the desktop (MyLocator3) software.

  • Data transfer - MyLocator3 App will download data collected from the locator e.g., timestamp, GPS coordinates, depth measurements, current measurement and any notes at the time of locate.
  • Software updates - MyLocator3 automatically checks for vLoc3 locator software updates and app software updates anytime it is started.
  • Self-test and calibration verification - MyLocator3 can perform a test on the locator's components assuring that the vLoc3 series locator's calibration is valid and is in 100% working order. The test will inform the user if a calibration is needed. If the locator passes the self-test a calibration certificate will be printed.
  • Customize start-up screen - Add user ownership information, I.e., background logo or picture or message to the start-up screen.
  • Lock Feature - The locator's configurations and settings can be locked, such as for fleet applications, enabling equipment compliance. This feature will ensure to management that users cannot over-ride settings as any changes would require plugging in a lockout dongle.


Locator Training - Model vLoc3-Pro

Slide show provided by Vivax-Metrotech.

Hover on slide to stop and move curser off slide to re-start.

ConstructionHigh impact thermoplastic (ABS) injection molded housing
Weight / Dimensions4.6lbs. / 12.6"(L) x 4.9"(W) x 26.6"(H)
DisplayTransmissive 480 x 272 Pixel, 16-bit Color, High Visibility, LCD, 4.3"
Antenna(s)2-sets of 3D Triaxial antennas
Battery Life @ +70°F12-Hrs (Alkaline-6AA) / 27-Hrs (Custom Li-Ion Rechargeable)
Internal Data LoggingAll parameter stored onboard. 50 Million records storage capacity
Operating FrequenciesConfigurable frequencies range from 16Hz to 200kHz
Locate ModesClassic 5000 Locate Mode / Plan View Mode / Vector Mode / Transverse Graph Mode / Sonde Mode
Temperature Range (optimum)-4°F to +122°F
Weather ProofIP65 and NEMA 4
Warranty - Standard2-Year (additional years are optional)
  • Optional Accessories
    Kit Bag (default) 
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    Transmitter Bag 
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Every vLoc3-Pro receiver includes unique and proprietary modes, like Vector Locate mode, Plan View mode, Graphical Sonde mode, OMNI Peak mode, etc. Every vLoc3-Pro supports Fault-Find, EM marker locating, Bluetooth, etc. Every vLoc3-Pro includes all standard frequencies. Of course, it may require optional accessories for some of these tasks.

Every vLoc3-Pro offers FREE upgrades using the MyLocator3 application. This capability allows the locator always to have the latest firmware as any new one might have.

Some other manufacturers have decided to put a premium price on their equipment. If the price is affordable and more aligned with the market, there would be no reason to offer a "stripped down" version. However, Vivax-Metrotech has taken a different approach. The vLoc3-Pro comes standard with all popular features, modes, and the highest achieved performance. More importantly, it costs much less and provides much more value.

We cannot answer why some companies delay innovation. However, we can say that Vivax-Metrotech is an innovative pioneer. Bringing new technologies to the market that provide far better performance and accuracy is essential to the mission, i.e., Vivax-Metrotech is committed to advancing customer value in this market segment.

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Vivax-Metrotech vLoc3-Pro Precision Line Locator