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  • Impulse Radar

    January 28th, 2020

    Tracer Electronics LLC has agreed to become the USA Service & Repair Center for Impulse Radar.
    Impulse Radar of Malå Sweden has announced a service and repair partnership with Tracer Electronics LLC of Lebanon, Tennessee, USA. Tracer Electronics LLC will assume the support role of providing factory warranty and repair services to its fast-growing list of Impulse Radar customers. Tracer Electronics' reputation for delivering quality and affordable repairs to the underground utility locating industry has made this partnership the perfect choice for Impulse Radar's "Best-In-Class" service strategy. Impulse Radar is committed to manufacturing the industry's best GPR system, and this partnership provides its customers the same level of after-sale support.

    "We at Tracer Electronics believe in lowering the cost of ownership of all products that we sell. It is refreshing to know that Impulse Radar is completely behind our commitment to our customers, so much so that they are also offering a 2-year warranty on every PinPointR GPR Cart."

    -Patrick O'Harold - VP Sales & Marketing

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    6981 Eastgate Blvd.
    LEBANON, TN 37090

  • Vivax-Metrotech

    January 8th, 2010

    As of December 31st, 2009, the Metrotech factory service center located at 5211 Linbar Drive, Suite 503, Nashville, TN 37211, has closed its operations for business.

    Tracer Electronics LLC is pleased to announce that we have agreed to provide complete factory repair services and support for the entire Metrotech and Vivax product lines. Tracer Electronics LLC has extensive experience in repairing and calibrating all products offered by Metrotech Corporation. We look forward to providing a seamless transition for all your future locating equipment repair needs. Tracer Electronics LLC guarantees to provide Metrotech/Vivax customers the best possible service experience.

    6981 Eastgate Blvd.
    LEBANON, TN 37090

    Repair Instructions:
    No return authorization number required. Box the instrument(s) and ship to the above address. Please include the bill and ship to addresses in each shipment, a contact name and telephone number, and a brief description of the issue affecting your locator. Also, please indicate if you would like us to provide you with an estimate before repairing it.

    We are excited about this new partnership, and we look forward to doing business with your organization. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.


    Ken Smith
    Tracer Electronics LLC

    (615) 285-3952

    Revised August 2014 - Updated address

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