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VARIOTEC VT series detectors and their multiple options allow users to detect natural gas along the pipeline and aid with leak pinpointing. Sewerin can fit the VARIOTEC 460 & 480 EX with optional ethane-C2H6 analysis, confirming the leak origin (distinguish between natural gas product or biogas, i.e., marsh & swamp gas). The VARIOTEC series provides users with affordable instruments for almost any gas detection application.

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(Multi Gas Leak Detector - outdoors)

  • Cost-effective gas detector for Natural gas distribution networks


  • Operated by jog dial, function keys, and menu navigation
  • Large matrix LCD backlit display
  • Rechargeable or Alkaline batteries
  • Rapid charging in only 4-hours
  • Docking station (charges battery) available
  • PC communications via USB

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