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The Multitec 500 series is a combination gas warning and measuring device. When used as a gas warning instrument, it reliably and automatically detects toxic and hazardous gases to workers. It also records and documents the composition of biological process gasses. Infrared measuring technology ensures accurate methane and carbon dioxide readings. The Multitec 560 is ideal for inspecting area work atmospheres (e.g., engine pits, silage tanks, shaft construction, etc.). It detects explosive and toxic gases ensuring worker safety at all times. Also, the Multitec 560 is perfect for monitoring biogas production in plants. The Multitec 560 can record and analyze the gas compositions for process optimization.

  • The gas warning function (ExTox) records CH4, CO2, O2, CO, and H2S, and the alarm is selectable and can alarm at pre-set values. The Multitec 560 can also be used virtually anywhere in the biogas plant as a gas warning device.

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Multitec 560/545/540