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The PinPointR GPR system from Impulse Radar provides best-in-class performance, ease-of-use interface and unparalleled value to the entire utility locating industry. The PinPointR dual channel radar antenna technology features RTS (Impulse Radar's - Real-time sampling technology), utilizing both 400MHz (LF) and 800MHz (HF) center frequencies. The PinPointR antenna provides enhanced bandwidth and superior resolution and is perfect for locating deeper utility targets with maximum depth penetration or near surface utility targets, even in the toughest soil conditions. The PinPointR easily outperforms all other systems, especially older single channel GPR's.

Features include: ViewPoint mapping, ease-of-use operation, dual channel radar antenna (400/800MHz), (RTS) Real-time sampling technology, a composite weather antenna cover, light weight folding cart, large off-road wheels, fully wireless Android tablet operation (Ruggedized Tablet 10.1"/TFT, MIL-STD-81DG and IP68 rated is offered), accurate built-in GPS (also accepts external RTK-GNSS), provides automatic utility report generation which verifies site visit & ticket sign-off, long lasting Li-Ion battery (7-hour) and 2-year warranty.

Article: Single channel UWB vs Multi channel GPR

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Light-Weight Compact Design
The PinPointR's light weight design (only 44 lbs.) and its foldable frame is perfect for utility locators who do multiple locates a day and need to continuously transport, store and set-up at different Jos sites. This design makes transporting much easier and can be stored in smaller vehicles, giving owners more choices for vehicles.

Internal GPS, with external GPS support (NMEA 0183 protocol).

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