Repair & Calibration Service Center

We are a nationally known repair & calibration service center and a leading sales distributor for several industry-leading underground utility locating equipment brands. We specialize in both sales and service in electromagnetic pipe & cable locators, metal detectors, ground-penetrating radar (GPR), water leak detection equipment, and video pipe inspection cameras.


  1. Download the REPAIR FORM.
  2. Include a COMPLETED copy of the Repair Form in the box.
  3. Properly package your equipment.
  4. Ship equipment to our Lebanon, TN location (address on form). (Via UPS, FedEx, etc.)
  5. If you check the box on the form, we will contact you with an estimate.
  6. Per your approval, we will repair your equipment and return it to the address provided on the Repair Form.
  7. We will provide a 90-day warranty.
  • Our Labor rate is $110/hr.
  • A $55 estimation fee and shipping charges will apply to any line locator where repair services are declined and returned un-repaired.
  • A $55 estimation fee will apply to all inspection cameras and GPR carts.

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Experience is Knowledge

We offer 198+ years of industry experience and over 93+ years of combined experience repairing pipe & cable locating equipment, metal detectors, water leak detection equipment, cable fault locators, ground-penetrating radar (GPR), video pipe inspection cameras, and other instruments vital to the underground utility industry.

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We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality standards in the repair industry, a commitment to quality that has been recognized repeatedly by our many thousands of clients. We offer quick turnaround, factory-approved calibration standards, and every repair includes a warranty that we take very seriously.

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We are experienced in the repair and calibration of most major brands on the market today. We are an authorized factory warranty repair center or factory-trained service center for many brands including, Vivax-Metrotech, Impulse Radar (GPR carts), Fisher Labs, Sewerin (leak detection), and others. We also repair 3M, Heath Consultants, Pipehorn, Radiodetection, Rycom, Subsite, etc.

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Quick Turnaround Time

Our average in-shop time for repairs is only (3) three business days. We stock a substantial quantity of genuine replacement parts for most major brands, which in turn allow us the opportunity to avoid unnecessary delays in our repair process.

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Our repair estimates rank among the lowest in the industry, and our customer retention rank among the best. We stock tens of thousands of dollars in parts. We can provide device level of isolation on circuitry, and we have the best training and motivated repair technicians in the industry. All this expertise equates to quick turnaround times, fewer parts needed, and less labor required. We pride ourselves on providing customers with the best possible value. Our versatility can also offer additional savings to any fleet management professional tasked with maintaining multiple brands of locators and devices.

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Risk Free

To prove to our customers that our pricing is fair and affordable, not only do we provide you with an estimate before performing a repair, but if you decide to repair the equipment, we will waive the $50 estimation fee (pipe & cable locators only).

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Guaranteed Satisfaction

Are you ready to try us today?
Give us a try, and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with your repair experience. Suppose you are already a satisfied Tracer customer. In that case, we appreciate your business more than you will ever know, and we are incredibly excited about servicing all your future repair and calibration needs.

Trade-In's are Welcomed

We offer many options for our customers to upgrade their older equipment. We accept trade-in's from most manufacturers. Value depends on condition and make & model.

Our Shipping Address

Tracer Electronics LLC

6981 Eastgate Blvd.,

Lebanon, TN 37090

The Repair Process

  1. Download the REPAIR FORM.
  2. Properly package your equipment in an appropriate box.
  3. Include a copy of the completed repair form in the box.
  4. Ship the box to: 6981 Eastgate Blvd., Lebanon, TN 37090
  5. Upon receiving we will provide an estimate.
  6. Per approval we will complete repair and return.

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Call us today!

Call (615) 285-3952 for more information or just send us your locator along with your contact information and we will gladly provide a FREE repair evaluation and provide an estimate of repair.

Tennessee Sale Tax Policy on Service and Repair

Question: If a customer ships equipment/property into Tennessee for repair, and I ship the equipment/property back to the customer when the repair is completed, must I collect Tennessee sales tax? Is this an exempt transaction in interstate commerce?

TN Department of Revenue: Yes, sales tax must be collected.

Tracer Electronics LLC TN Sales Tax Requirements on Equipment Repairs:
Our service
department receives equipment nationwide and customers who reside outside the state of Tennessee are sometimes surprised when TN sales tax appears on their invoice. This becomes even more confusing when the same customers purchase new equipment from our Sales Department and notices that TN sales tax is not charged.

We want to explain why this is the case:
If you are sending us a machine (pipe & cable locator, GPR cart, push camera, leak detector, etc.) from outside Tennessee for technical services, e.g., repair or calibration, we Tracer Electronics LLC are required by law to charge Tennessee Sales Tax on parts installed and labor performed (TN Sales & Use Tax Code 67-6-102-22-F-iv). The sales tax rate is currently 9.75%.

Any transactions for a tax-exempt organization or a non-profit entity do not get charged TN sales tax, however we will need a copy of your local tax certificate at time of invoicing. Also any reseller with a resale tax certificate on file at time of invoicing will not get charged TN sales tax.

Please let us know if you have any questions or visit the Tennessee Department of Revenue. We appreciate your business and your continued support.

Repair and Calibration