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The TW-82 & TW-82P from Fisher Labs is an easy-to-use, single frequency, affordable pipe & cable locator. The TW-82 offers fast target response and accurate locating. The transmitter's current display indicates connection quality quickly and clearly. The transmitter utilizes automatic load impedance matching to adjust the output signal for the best power output for the ground conditions. Its one-button design provides simplicity that locating professionals prefer and accuracy that professionals demand. The TW-82 is weatherproof and impact-resistant and features thick-walled injection-molded construction. Made in America. 

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  • Two Button Operation
  • Left/Right/Over-Target
  • Azimuth
  • Fast Response & Automatic Gain Control
  • Automatic depth & current measurement
  • Lightweight Design (only 3.6 lbs)
  • Over-Target Indicator - Audible and Visual
  • Precise Single Frequency - 82.175 kHz
  • Passive Power Mode (Model TW-82P)
  • IP65 Compliant
  • Excellent Battery Life - 80 to 130 hours

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Fisher Labs TW-82 Line Locator