Recycle PCM Program

Is your PCM getting tired? Is your PCM lacking important features? It might be time to upgradeā€¦

Tracer Electronics LLC has extended its popular locator recycling trade-in program to include the pipe current mapper systems used in the pipeline corrosion industry. This new program can help our loyal customers successfully replace their older, worn-out PCM/PCM+ pipeline defect/current mapper equipment with new state-of-the-art vLoc3-DM systems. The vLoc3-DM includes a color display, Li-Ion rechargeable battery, light-weight construction with removable "foot," live current attenuation for finding shorts and data logging, and much more.

All purchases will include 
FREE on-site training, and equipment loaner program, and a one-stop repair center for all your equipment needs. Let us help you today. Call us at (615) 285-3952 or email.

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This offer may be limited to our distribution sales region.

Recycle Your PCM