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The vLocPro2 from Vivax-Metrotech provides light weight carbon-fiber & ABS construction, market leading reliability, winning accuracy, user-friendly intuitive menus for user-customization. Every vLocPro2 is powered by fast dual-core processor engine providing simultaneous twin peak antenna, left/right guidance, line orientation, automatic depth and current measurement and all displayed on a large color display offering 40 hour battery life. If equipped with Bluetooth the vLocPro2 becomes an instant GPS utility mapping tool.

When users compare its features and affordability with the competition, its easy to see why the vLocPro2 is the market value leader for high-end multiple frequency locators.

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  • Rugged ABS & carbon fiber construction for strength and high-weight
  • Weighs 16% less than previous models
  • Alkaline Battery tray (12-hours)
  • Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery (40 hours)
  • Mini USB socket for data transfer/software updates
  • Bluetooth enabled using optional "Plug-in-play" Bluetooth module
  • GPS Ready (easy push button logging for mapping)
  • Built-in locate log (store up to 1,000 locate logs w/GPS coordinates)
  • Ultra Fast Dual-Core processor engine for fast, reliable and accurate results
  • Color backlit TFT high visibility display provides a best-in-class user experience, night or day.
  • Very simple intuitive menu configuration for easy customized set-up
  • Over 70 locating frequencies for compatibility with other manufacturers transmitters (free of charge)
  • Multiple antenna modes (Peak, Nul, Peak w/Arrows, Broad Peak, Sonde)
  • Manual Gain & Auto Gain
  • Multiple Sonde frequencies
  • Line Orientation Compass (360°)
  • Automatic continuous depth or current measurement (selectable)
  • Fault-Find mode is standard
  • MyLocator2 App for data transfer, software upgrades, start-up screen & feature locking

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New vLoc3-Pro with Triaxial Antenna Technology.

The New vLoc3-Pro is now available. Just call your local Tracer Electronics sales manager today to schedule a visit to your job site to see how the vLoc3 technology can help you locate difficult utilities, faster and more accurately. Available in the USA states of AL/FL/GA/KY/NC/SC/TN.

CLICK HERE for vLoc3-Pro information.
Vivax-Metrotech vLocPro2 Line Locator